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Coastal Catholic Charities would like to express our gratitude for all of you who have, and continue to, support our organization! Because of your magnanimous financial and time donations, we are able to successfully operate the following programs for low-income residents of the Tri-County area: subsidized vision screenings/glasses; subsidized dental cleanings and dentures; a food pantry for those 60 years of age and older; prescription assistance; and a free monthly wellness clinic. We profoundly appreciate your willingness to help us serve!


College Student Mass 

 The Mass is held every  Sunday during the school term (August -May) at St. Patrick  Catholic Church.   The Mass time is 5:00 Pm.  All are welcome to attend!  


Do you know someone who has no medical insurance and can't afford to see a doctor?
Coastal Catholic Charities has a program for those who have no insurance, need to fill prescriptions and limited medical labs.  Please call:  Coastal Charities for an appointment:  843-308-9361.

           Spiritual & Emotional Healing Sessions

         On the 3rd Saturday of each month
St. Benedict Catholic Church

We will be holding sessions on how to recover from the pain of major losses in life - weather it is from the loss of a loved one, from facing a serious illness, a major change in life or financial constraints. In these sessions we will review some life strategies to help you get back on track with handling  your situation and moving on to a more peaceful and spiritual life.   We will be referring to scripture to see where God has given us direction in handling our difficulties. Time will also be allowed for sharing our personal stories in order to give and recieve support and encouragement from each other.  This month topic will be "How to Make Your Grieving More Effective."

If this sounds helpful or interesting to you, please call Father Vincent at 572-9440. We look forward to seeing you at our next session at St. Benedict, 950 Darrell Creek Trail in 
Mt. Pleasant.


Holidays Schedules    
Thanksgiving Day Mass @  9am
Christmas Eve-Caroling @ 9:30pm, Mass @ 10 pm
Christmas Day Mass @ 9am
New Year's Eve Mass @ 6:30pm
               New Year's Day Mass @ 9pm
Ash Wednesday Masses  @ 8am & 6pm 
Holy Thursday Mass @ 6pm
Good Friday, Veneration of the Cross @ 3pm
Holy Saturday, Easter Vigil Mass @ 9pm
Easter Sunday Masses are 8am & 10am







  "Renewing St. Patrick for 21st Century Service"

Discussion is underway to refurbish St. Patrick Church and Parish Hall (The old  St. Patrick School).  The school building has been closed for almost 2 years.  The theme of the project is,  "Renewing St. Patrick for 21st Century Service."   A completion date has not been set.  More information is forthcoming as the project proceeds.

New Televised Mass

The Heart of the Nation TV Mass ministry will broadcast Catholic Mass on Sundays beginning January 2, 2011.  The Mass will be at  9:30 a.m. on the following channels in the Diocese of Charleston:  Time Warner, channel 19                                                                                                          Comcast, channel 15                  
 Home Telecom, channel 53                                        
 Direct TV, channels 305 and 347                                                                                        

Dish Network, channels 216 and 216

The Mass follows all Roman Catholic liturgical norms. Watching the Mass does not meet the Sunday obligation for Catholics who are unable to participate in person.  Heart of the Nation also provides free, large print missalette subscriptions to viewers upon request.  Contactinformation:                                                                                                            

Heart of the Nation                        
1126 S. 70th Street, Suite N601                                                                                                                 MIlwaukee, WI  53214                                                                                                                               Phone: (800) 430-0930 or (414) 475-4700                                                                                        Website:  www.MySundayMass.org                                                                                                



Legion of Mary

On September 7, 1921, in Dublin, ireland, Frank Duff and fifteen ladies held the first meeting of the Legion of Mary. In 90 short years The Legion of Mary has spread throughout the world, and has 3 million active and 7 million praying (auxilliary) members.  The "Our Lady of Czestochowa" Presidium here in Charleston has 9 active and 13 auxilliary members.  We meet every Monday at 5:00pm at "Mr. Oliver's House" located on the lot at St. Patrick Catholic Church at 134 St. Philip St.   We cordially invite you to come to a meeting to discern if you are call to this apostolate.  You can become part of a growing army serving the Church under the leadership of Mary.  For more information please call Veronica McDaniel-President , at 843-571-0723.


Health News for Seniors
   Tri-County Black Nurses and Westside Neighborhood Association invites you to attend their monthly health sessions on the fourth Friday.  The sessions are held at the New Arthur Christopher Community Center, Fishburne  Street across from Burke High School from 11am -3:30 pm.  A healthy lunch is served.

VIRTUS PROTECTING GOD’S CHILDREN is a child sex abuse and awareness program sponsored by the diocese.  All employees and volunteers in the diocese who work with minors and vulnerable adults in their ministries (VBS, catechists, ushers, health ministry, parents and organizations) on a regular basis must attend one VIRTUS session. If planning to attend, please register on line (www.virtus.org) or complete a registration form in the rear of church. 


The first Sunday of every month has been set aside as Capital Campaign Sunday.  It is a day to reflect and remind ourselves of our commitment to the overall development of our Parish through the generosity of time, talent and treasure. So have you made your pledge?  Are you faithful in its redemption?  Please consider pledging today if you have not yet done so.  May the Good Lord reward your generosity.

DID YOU KNOW? Catholic Counseling Services provides psychological services in Enlglish and Spanish  to adolescents through older adults.  For information, please call Dr. Mara Calderon, a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, at 402-9115 extension 17. Services are totally confidential.  Location: 1662 Ingram Road, Charleston, SC  29407, West Ashely Chancery.  Most  Insurances accepted.


St. Patrick
Saint Patrick
Our Patron Saint


Our Lady of Mercy
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Our Lady of Mercy Church
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