Our Patron Saint

St. Patrick is one of the world’s most popular saints.  He was a humble, pious, gentle man, whose love and total devotion to and trust in God should be a shining example to each of us. He was born around 385 in Scotland, probably Kilpatrick.  His parents were Calpurnius and Conchessa, who were Romans living in Britain in charge of the colonies.

As a boy of fourteen or so, Patrick was captured during a raiding party and taken to Ireland as a slave to herd and tend sheep.  Ireland at this time was a land of Druids and pagans.  He learned the language and practices of the people who held him.  During his captivity, he turned to God in prayer

Patrick’s captivity lasted until he was twenty, when he escaped after having a dream from God in which he was told to leave Ireland by going to the coast.  There he found some sailors who took him back to Britain, where he reunited with his family.

St. PatrickHe began his studies for the priesthood.  He was ordained by St. Germanus, the Bishop of Auxerre, whom he had studied under for years.  Later, Patrick was ordained a bishop, and was sent to take the gospel to Ireland where he preached and converted thousands and began to build churches all over the country.  Kings, their families, and entire kingdoms converted to Christianity when hearing Patrick’s message.  He worked many miracles and wrote of his love for God in Confessions.  After years of living in poverty, traveling and enduring much suffering, Patrick died March 17, 461.  He died at Saul, where he built the first church.

St. Patrick
Saint Patrick
Our Patron Saint


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